About Us

“Masoni Becciu” is Franca Maria Serra’s farm in that part of Sardinian countryside known as Seddanus, near Villacidro, in an environment climatically very favorable to the biological production of choice olive oil. The farm can easily be reached from Cagliari, taking State Road Nr. 130 as far as Decimomannu and continuing on the branch road to Villasor and Villacidro. “Masoni Becciu” is at the foot of Mount Margiani, about one mile from the famous waterfall “Sa Spendula”. The extra-virgin oil produced on the farm comes only from organically grown olives, and is certified by the AIAB (Italian Association for Biological Agriculture). The olive tree varieties are known as “Nera di Villacidro” and “Nera di Gonnosfanadiga”. The oil is bottled on site using techno-logically advanced equipment and sold in 500, 250 and 100 ml bottles. “Masoni Becciu” extra-virgin olive oil has a pale-yellow colour and a delicious fruity taste, smooth and moderately sweet. It is an essential element in a Mediterranean diet and, thanks to its lightness, is very suitable even for infants. Its taste is particurarly rewarding when used directly to flavour vegetable soups, boiled vegetables and salads, on toasted bread, red meat, and as an accompanying sauce for boiled meat and fish.